Moving Aboard and Preparing to Sail (May 5, 2024)

We moved aboard Hokukea on Friday, May 3, and have spent the weekend unpacking boxes and making the boat habitable (outfitting the galley, buying some food, putting our bedding together, etc.). We still have a few more boxes of boat stuff to unpack and get stowed, and we hope to actually leave the harbor and begin cruising near the end of the week. It’s springtime in Sweden, so the air is cool (50s and 60s… teasing us by getting close to 70) and the trees are getting green. We’ve had a lovely first few days making Hokukea our home.

Early morning in Hallberg-Rassy Marina

Our one tall cupboard with shelves
The galley is quickly taking shape

Celebrating our first day living aboard with a little bubbly for happy hour

1 thought on “Moving Aboard and Preparing to Sail (May 5, 2024)”

  1. Looks Great! Galley is really nice looking and I like the greenery.
    Enjoy the beautiful weather. 🦋⚓️🦋

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