Countdown to Ellös (April 2024)

Adam’s last day of work was 19 March 2024. We celebrated the milestone that evening by watching hula and drinking cocktails at the beautiful Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki. We departed Honolulu the next day to visit family in Los Angeles and Dallas. This was kind of like a farewell given that we’ll be in Scandinavia and Scotland from late April through early November.

Now we are home and in the final throws of prepping for the BIG departure to Sweden on 23 April: placing final shopping orders, sending payments, organizing, and packing. It’s a bit stressful– and we are working on managing that also!

There is quite a bit more packing this time compared to the packing for our trip to Sweden in August. In August we took 3 boxes with us and filled 4 more with shopping in Gothenburg. This time it looks like we’ll be taking 10 or 11 boxes, plus our large duffle bags of clothing. We’ll need to store EVERYTHING we’ve taken to Sweden on the new boat. Don’t stress, MJ, somehow we’ll make it fit!

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Ellös (April 2024)”

  1. Hi MJ!
    Is that the place where you took me to after Te Tainui returned to Honululu? I shall never forget that night. Such a special location and now you are there as you prepare to sail away again! I will be following your journey with very personal interest! Glenys

    1. Hi Glenys, Yes, that is the place we took you when you arrived in Honolulu. It’s called, “House Without A Key,” and is part of a very fancy hotel in Waikiki (Halekulani)! Thanks for following us! mj & Adam

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